What will i learn

What will I learn?

The Shillington Web Design Course will give you a solid foundation in HTML & CSS so that you, the designer, gain a better understanding of what happens behind the scenes on a site. This in turn will transform the way you approach designing for web.

Understanding HTML & CSS

We know that web design and code can be daunting and complex. Let’s be realistic, it’s the equivalent of learning another language – one that’s probably more geek than chic. So, in plain English, what are HTML and CSS?

To put it simply, HTML is for placing content on the page and CSS is for presentation (or more simply, for making it look pretty). During the course we will learn to write both.

Our web course de-mystifies the process of using HTML and CSS and breaks it down using simple, straightforward and familiar design terms. You’ll be surprised at how easy it can be. Don’t believe us? Hear what our graduates have to say. 

Writing code with Coda 2

Put your hand up if you’ve ever snuck a peek the source code in a web browser and then quickly quit out of it in complete confusion. You’re not the only one!

While it may seem overly complicated and daunting at first glance, our Web Course will show you how to interpret and write this code.

Let us introduce you to Coda 2. It’s similar to Dreamweaver, which you might be familiar with, but it’s a more streamlined software program for writing code. It’s perfect for Graphic Designers who are new to the concept. Like Dreamweaver, Coda 2 still offers lots of great features such as a split-screen preview so you can instantly view how the code will affect your design – a fantastic asset for visual designers such as ourselves!

Responsive web design

With the explosion of the smartphone and tablet market, ‘responsive’ has become the new buzz word in web design. In this fast-changing market it is vital to have an understanding of how this will change your design process.

Concepts like ‘Responsive Design’ or ‘Adaptive Design’ offer exciting opportunities to shape the user’s experience from device to device. We’ll discuss and explore both approaches during the course.

A modern web design process

Many designers are stuck in the old cycle of designing a website – creating mockups in Photoshop which once approved are then sent to a web developer to build. Increasingly however, with multiple devices to design for, the roles of the designer and developer have become further intertwined.

As different layouts are explored across different devices and screen sizes there needs to be a constant dialogue between developer and designer. Even if you aren’t writing the production code, a designer who understands HTML/CSS is better equipped to work within this new workflow and contribute to the overall direction of the design.

The Final Project

So we’ve learnt all these fancy new skills but what’s the point if you can’t do something with them? Our final goal in the course is to combine HTML and CSS in Coda 2 to build a functioning website.

Whether your initial goal was to learn to build a website or to better communicate with your developer, our Web Course will give you a solid foundation for both.

You’ll be genuinely surprised and proud of what you can achieve. But don’t take our word for it – hear from our graduates.